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The Owl and the Pussycat

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There have been a relative few movies that had something important to say and said it in a profoundly moving way, becoming classics. These are movies worth seeing more than once. Some of these are identified and described on this and the following pages


    A romantic comedy, New York style. Adapted by screenwriter Buck Henry from a Broadway play by Bill Manhoff. In the original stage play, the two lead characters were the entire cast. As the story begins, a bookstore clerk/wannabe writer/semi-intellectual (George Segal) complains to his building superintendent about the goings-on in the apartment occupied by a wannabe actress/part-time model/part-time hooker (Barbra Streisand), who is then evicted. She shows up at Segal's door and creates a loud scene, which gets Segal evicted. They windup on the street together, still sniping at each other. As they proceed through an entertaining series of adventures and near-misadventures, they become deeply attracted to each other (are you surprised?). 
    The Owl and the Pussycat was an instant hit, becoming the 12th best moneymaker of 1970. The later DVD version drew some complaints because a line of dialogue, in which Streisand used the "F" word, was deleted. (It really was relevant to the plot.) Cut from the film before release was a nude/topless scene (sorry, fellas).  
1970, Directed by Herbert Ross

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