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The Caine Mutiny Review

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                                "Here's to you, Mr. Keefer, 
                the true author of the Caine mutiny."

    The officers aboard a Navy minesweeper in the Pacific during WWII become convinced that Captain Queeg (Humphrey Bogart) is mentally unbalanced, as well as being hated by the crew. When his erratic handling of the ship during a typhoon seems to be inviting disaster, the executive officer (Van Johnson) relieves Queeg and takes command, supported by the Officer of the Deck (Robert Francis). They are both court-martialed on charges of mutiny. Their defense attorney (Jose Ferrer) gets them off, although his personal feeling is that they were in the wrong. The solid supporting cast includes Fred MacMurray, E. G. Marshall, Lee Marvin, Tom Tully and Claude Akins. Adapted from Herman Wouk's Pulitzer Prize novel, which was also made into a Broadway play.

1954, Directed by Edward Demytryk

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