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On Thursday, February 14, 1929, several members of Al Capone's Southside Gang drove up to 2122 North Clark Street in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood, a garage operated by George "Bugs" Moran and his Northside Gang. Two of the men who got out of the car wore police uniforms, the others were in suits and overcoats. Inside the garage, they lined up against a wall five members of the Moran gang and two men who were not gang members but had the bad luck to be there that day, and cut them to pieces with Thompson submachine guns, plus two shotgun blasts, just for good measure. Then the men in overcoats walked out of the garage with their hands in the air, followed by the two "policemen" who held guns to their backs. This was to assure people on the street that whatever had happened in the garage was police business. The plan had been to include Moran in the killing but he was late arriving and one of the Capone men misidentified another man as Moran, setting the plan in motion. Remarkably, one of the victims, despite 14 bullet wounds, was still alive when the real police arrived but refused to give any information before he died, three hours later. Public outrage was a contributing factor in the ensuing decline of Capone's criminal empire. The massacre has spawned numerous movie and television recreations, plus several documentary treatments. The garage was torn down and the site is now an empty lot, believed by some to be haunted. Bricks from the death wall and other items have become popular collectibles.


              "Nobody's perfect."  

     A fast-paced comedic treatment of the St. Valentine's Day massacre, with Jack Lemon and Tony Curtis as two musicians who accidentally witness the killings. The mobsters, led by George Raft, want to eliminate the witnesses, forcing Lemon and Curtis to disguise themselves in drag and join an all-girl band on its way to a gig at a Florida resort (played by San Diego's famous Hotel del Coronado). A madcap series of adventures, with lots of comedic shtik, carry the film along to the final scene, where Joe E. Brown famously utters the words quoted above. This was one of Marilyn Monroe's best roles and others in a fine supporting cast include Pat O'Brien, Nehemia Persoff and Mike Mazurki.


1959, Directed by Billy Wilder

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